iPhone 6 VS Nexus 4 – Love it or Hate it!

iPhone 6 VS Nexus 4

iPhone 6 VS Nexus 4? Its true the latest device from Apple vs the not so new one from Google. I will be lying if I would say that iPhone 6 is not better than Nexus 4 but the infographic below has made the point the other way. And you know what it is the truth. […]

Real Boxing Android Game Review: Haters Gonna Hate!

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is by far one of the best android game I have ever played. And, no I am not getting paid to write this review. These views are totally mine. The best thing about this game is its graphics. With taking around 300 mb total space, the graphics are really great ( I guess you […]

Xiaomi Mi3 vs iPhone 5S – Comparison


Xiaomi Mi3 vs iPhone 5S – Which is the better one? I know that Apple iPhone 5s has one of the best camera but does it have the hardware better than the Mi3. We will see into that here. In terms of quality, even Samsung, Sony and HTC can’t beat Apple, So the Mi3 is […]

Xiaomi Mi3 vs OnePlus One – Comparison


Xiaomi Mi3 vs OnePlus One, Which is better? Both the smartphones are from Chinese manufacturers. Xiaomi Mi3 has been launched in India but OnePlus One is yet to come here. These two smartphones are loaded with hardware for which you would have to empty your pockets if these phone would be from a smartphone giant ( I am […]

10+1 Best Android Phones Under 15000 Rs in India 2014

xiaomi mi3

We have already listed Smartphones under 10000 and 20000 and some other different lists. And here we will try to list the best android phones under 15000. All the smartphones are from different companies, I have not repeated a company. The reason being we don’t know which is the brand you love the most. So, in order […]

Why Facebook Doesn’t have Dislike Button?


Ever thought about it. That, why Facebook doesn’t have dislike button. From many months I have thought about it but never really bothered to really find the reason behind. But today as I was thinking many ideas strucked me and So I wanted to share my opinion and a little bit of research. So, without […]