Best Android Phones Under 10000 Rs 2014

moto e

Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get true android experience because we have best android phones under 10000 list for you. And this isn’t like any other list as we have added only those smartphones which will run smooth and would feel good in your hand. So, the list starts now and remember that […]

Best HTC Phones Under 20000 Rs in India!

htc desire 500

Although HTC is more famous for its expensive phones but there are some HTC phones under 20000 that are neither great nor bad. They are just too good. Shortly before we wrote an article on Top 10 SmartPhones in India Under 20000 in which we listed 10 smartphones from 10 different companies. But in this post […]

Best Laptops Under 40000 Rs in India 2014

lenevo ideapad g

Laptops, the best laptops under 40000. This is what you wanna know but before that let me make it clear that here I have not listed a top 6 list but I have listed the 6 best laptops. So, the one you like is the one you should get. Why I didn’t made this a top numbered list? […]

Xiaomi Mi3 vs Nexus 5 – Comparison

xiaomi mi3 vs nexus 5

Xiaomi Mi3 vs Nexus 5 – Which one is better? The one which gets sells every second or the one which gets latest android first. Xiaomi Mi3 and Nexus 5 both are powerful smartphones with some weaknesses in them. But as you know even the best smartphone in this world isn’t perfect. Nexus 5 comes from […]

Canvas Knight VS Moto G – Comparison

canvas knight vs moto g

Canvas Knight VS Moto G, Who is the winner here? The one with the better specs or one under a branded company. Let’s find out. Image Courtesy: BGR, FirstPost Canvas Knight is the best phone of Micromax yet. The phone has got looks with performance. Talking about Moto G, it is the one of the most […]

Most LightWeight Android Launcher 2014!

most lightweight android launcher 2014

There are a lot of good android launchers out there, like Apex, or Nova launcher but the problem with these launchers are that they are not so fast and thus cannot be named the most lightweight android launcher. That’s why we will here get the name of the most lightweight android launcher which can be used […]

How to Delete Entire Google History?


Delete entire Google history. Sounds lengthy but we can make it a lot faster. How it is lengthy? If you have been to, you already know the answer and if haven’t go there, then go see now. Now, you have seen that you have to delete each item you searched for in the past one by one or atmost […]

Most LightWeight Browser 2014 for Windows XP, 7 and 8?

most lightweight browser 2014

The browsers fight to the top is never gonna end, with every one of the leading ones getting update after update. Its hard to choose one as each person have different needs. Now, when you think about the most lightweight browser what comes in your mind. I think I know you would see Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer […]