What can happen after your PC gets Hacked?

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In my last post we talked about how one can know if his or her PC is hacked and what can one do about it?

Now, in this post we will talk about everything that might happen after your PC gets hacked.

If you have read the last post, then you would have known that no PC is perfectly secured from hackers. An antivirus can protect you from viruses and worms but can’t do much about hackers.

Why am I writing this post?

Because many people believe that their PC/laptop is fully secured and that no one can bypass security to make an attack. Even though all of the computer experts warns about it.

In order to make this people a little motivated towards security, this post is an essential need.

So, without much more ado,

What can happen after your PC gets Hacked?

PC gets Hacked

You may lose MONEY.

The first and foremost is money (that’s what you want more of, Right?). In this digital age every computer user tends to make online purchases.

But what if someone would get to know about your account details?

What would happen then?

Well, you know what would happen. If you are using a credit card then he or she might make a big purchase through it and if your are shopping through net banking or through debit card then you will lose your entire money.

You may lose PASSWORDS.

We all use a lot of passwords today as compared to the past. Facebook, Twitter, Google service tops the list.

What if one day you open your account and see that everything is messed up?

It has happened with my friends and even to one of my teacher. So, have strong passwords but then they are also of no use when your  PC gets hacked.


Because probably a key logger has been installed on PC and thus, whatever you would enter would get noted somewhere.

So, even big names cannot protect your password under this situation. As it would get leaked through your PC.

You may lose FILES.

Err. Everyone have some files that they do not want to share with others. These might be your office work, a new theme or plugin you designing or simply some important files.

But when your PC gets hacked, your whole of data is in danger. As the person who has got into your PC has the ability to get any file that he/she desires.

Your  Hard Disk might get Damaged.

Not like a sort of blast but a hacker have the ability to insert a virus in your hard drive that can damage it. It does not affect the hard ware though but what’s in it.

How I know?

One of my friend had his hard drive damaged through a virus. Although an antivirus can block different viruses but a new virus can be created by just manipulating the old one a little bit.

You might get JAILED.

A hacker has the ability to use your computer for his/her purpose. Right?

What if something illegal be done through your PC without you knowing about it.

The End!

Have any suggestion or query? Then don’t hesitate to share your views below.

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Anurag Sharma

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  1. says

    Hey Anurag,

    Wow, that’s horrible. I don’t think I’ve ever known of anyone who had their computer hacked. I’ve heard mostly blogs and stuff but not computers. I know that you can definitely get a virus on them if you download something from an unsecure site so I’m sure the same thing can happen this way.

    You’re right about all the things that can happen should that take place but I hope they’re really watching what they’re doing now.


    • Anurag Sharma says

      Hi Adrienne,
      A website gets hacked because the hacker wants to. So, if a hacker wants to hack a pc, he or she will hack it by any means necessary. And since they have the ability to change virus the way an antivirus will not bother about. It’s important to take precautions to stop it from happening.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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