Reset Facebook News Feed – Why? & How?

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With Facebook getting renewed and better everyday, there is things like news feed that are getting worse. And that’s why the number of people who want to reset Facebook news feed is increasing and increasing.

When we all got the new FB look with the graph search, we also got the new news feed algorithm that decides what to show you, according to the way you use Facebook.

Reset Facebook News Feed

Though it was designed to make news feed better but it is making it worse.

Why to reset Facebook news feed?

As this algorithm hides all the content from a page or person if you don’t like that page’s or person’s past content.

So, you would not see any future content from that page or person.

This should be good for you. But it isn’t.

So, How is that?

As no one likes every posts from anyone . And if you would not like content from someone for sometime then, due to FB’s new algorithm you would not see that thing also that you would want to see from that person. No content from them in future.

For e.g.,

Suppose you have got a friend named, Tony.

Now, he posts about your favorite star and also about the one you hate.

So, for somedays now he is posting about the one you don’t like so you are not liking his posts.

And when after somedays he would post about the one which you like, you would no longer see any stuff from him due to no connection with him.

This is only an example and each person would have a different situation.

You will no longer see any thing that get shared from that page or person unless you follow the steps below.

How to reset Facebook news feed?

There’s not much to it, you just have to click a few time and it’s done.

  • Go to Facebook ( I know that you are already login there, well who isn’t?  😉 )
  • Now, just see the left sidebar and click on the right arrow along the News Feed written there.

reset facebook news feed

  • Click on Most Recent.

The End!

You cannot do any other thing to reset Facebook news feed. This is the only and that’s why the best way.

Have any query or suggestion? I would love to reply to your thoughts below and one more important thing, don’t SPAM. :)

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Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma is the working force behind this blog, he loves to share tech related content on this blog and that is also in a presentable manner. You can only expect quality content on this blog, he don't share any trashy material.


  1. says


    New Facebook news feed is awesome man. I just love it and going to reset my news feed. I don’t know before reading this post that Facebook is changed the news feed. As like as twitter Facebook is also change some of it parts. Thanks for this update news.


  2. says

    Hey there,

    great tip, however I came to a point in my (social) life that I use FB as a tool for email, that’s it. So it has a purpose for me.
    Some of my buddies actually “live” on FB…… sad.

    • Anurag Sharma says

      Hi Akos,
      You gotta reset facebook news feed to make your FB news feed better. Thanks for your reply. Keep Visiting!

  3. says

    Hey Anurag,

    I’ve been meaning to do that because I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff over and over again every time I would hop over to Facebook but just didn’t think about it at that time so thanks for that nudge. I went over and reset it this very minute so I won’t forget again.

    I saw when I came on this morning that they’ve updated the look but I didn’t have time to check it out so I might do that this weekend. We’ll see what they’ve done now right!

    Great share, thanks!


    • Anurag Sharma says

      Hi Adrienne,
      You did the right thing!
      FB’s news feed is getting worse and for now only, this most recent function can help. Although it also has some drawbacks like it would show every update of every person in your friend list.
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. says

    Hello Anurag,
    Nice post, i never thing through this part of facebook. But it is good you draw our attention to it and how to activate or reset our feed. Thanks and do have a nice week

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