How to SEARCH Better on Google?

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Google, the number one search engine in this world and is now the most valued brand in this world.

The search engine giant has got many features to better search on it and I will like to cover most of its part for a regular user.

Although you can simply search on Google and get the desired result.

But sometimes you may want to search for a thing within past 24 hours, past week, past month or something similar.

So, what will you do if you want to search better on Google?

Just read this post right now and learn.

We will discuss here features such as search within a specific website/blog, search within a country and more.

So, Let’s start.

How to search better on Google?

SEARCH Better on Google

1. Set time as you wish

So, How can you do that?

Search on Google whatever you want and then click on Search Tools which is just below the search bar.

SEARCH Better on Google

Now click on Any time and select any one from Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month, Past year or the Custom range.

It’s a great tool to find out about the new updates or old updates of whatever you would search for. And if you want to search for a specific country then Click on Any Country and select the one you want to. 😉

2. Search for the content of a specific website

If you are not able to find the search box on a website or are not able to search there, Google can help you under this situation.

You first have to enter “site:” (without quotes) and then without space the domain name on which you want to search and after that insert your query.

Now, all the results on Google will be of that website.

For. e.g.,

SEARCH Better on Google

If you want to search the word “science” on Wikipedia without using the search box there. Now, for that the whole query will look like this, science.

3. Search entirely what you want to search

By default, Google doesn’t work according to whole query entirely. What I mean here is that if you would search for a long sentence on Google then it will not take into accounts the entire sentence as it is.

It will break it and use each word separately to search within its index. Just use the quotes(“”) before and after your query. These will force Google to search the way you want to.

4. Search with an Image

It happens with me mostly, I have an image and I want to know that to where it belongs. What is the name of the show, person in the image.

Google has a great feature for this, go to Google Images and click on the Camera Icon which is within the search box. Now, you can either paste the link to upload the image or upload it directly through your hard disk.

SEARCH Better on Google

After uploading, Google will tell you the source of the image.

That’s enough tricks for an everyday user.

Have any other trick to search better on Google? Do let me know about it in the comments below but beware it should be for everyone. :)

[Image by Danny Sullivan]

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    Awesome post!!!!!! In fact Google make a better of their user’s search experience. Google is top search engine and people are working with him for a long time. THanks for sharing this content. like it.:)

    • Anurag Sharma says

      Hi Bhavesh,
      Yup, Google is the best search engine and a lot of people work on it to make it the best. Thanks for the comment. Keep Visiting!

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