What is Wifi Hotspot in Android SmartPhones? And How to Enable it?

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Wifi Hotspot in Android Smartphones, you must have heard this phrase a lot of times. Right?

android wifi hotspot - What is Wifi Hotspot in Android SmartPhones

Maybe your friends use this feature of android and you don’t know about it so you don’t say anything. Or you are new to android and want to know more about this feature.

Okay then let’s first see what is this and then how to enable it.

What’s a WiFi?

In simple words, a device to which you can connect your smartphone through the inbuilt WiFi function. Right?

So, What is WiFi Hotspot in Android Smartphones?

Basically, when you enable this feature your smartphone becomes a device which can share it Internet. So, the other devices can connect to it to browse the internet.

And What’s the limit?

Well, upto 5 but I don’t think you would want to share your internet to that number of people. Do you? 😉

In most smartphones whether it is android or not, this feature is built in. So, if you have an iPhone or a Blackberry smartphone you can still use it as a WiFi hotspot.

In Android, do keep it mind that it is not available until Android 2.2. And if you have a old smartphone then I am sorry you can’t have it on that one.

And for those with better android version here comes.

How to Enable WiFi Hotspot in Android SmartPhone?

  • Press the power button of your smartphone and head over to the settings screen. There click on the more option.

setting up wifi hotspot - What is Wifi Hotspot in Android SmartPhones

  • Now, go for Tethering and portable hotspot option. And after that touch the Configure WiFi Hotspot.

wifi hotspot - What is Wifi Hotspot in Android SmartPhones

  • Follow the onscreen instructions and set the password as you like.
  • So, from now on whenever you want to enable it just tick the Portable WiFi Hotspot option. And just connect any device to it.


Now you know what wifi hotspot in Android smartphone is and you have also got to know how to use it. I have done my part and now it’s your turn to share any tip, suggestion or query with me in the comment section below.

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  1. says

    Hi Anurag
    This is first time I visited your blog. It is really awesome.
    You well covered the topic and fully elaborated each point in this post to make us learn what is wifi hotspot in android smartphones. Thanks for sharing you are doing a great job.

  2. says

    Hi Anurag,

    In today’s era of smartness most of people use smartphone which are enabled with wifi hotspot.
    Popularity of the internet is increasing day by day and people are using it at a great extent. People like to share their internet with others or they try to use their mobile internet in their computer which is possible via wifi.

    Smartphones are provided with this facility. Many smartphone users don’t know how to activate it. With this post they can get their answer.

    Great post.;)

    Have a nice weekend ahead.:)


    • Anurag Sharma says

      Hi Ravi,
      Well, yes Internet is getting more and more popular. I would say its the most popular thing after the basic amenities.
      Thanks for your comment and you too have a good weekend ahead.

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